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Meet and Code

In October 2020, our organization is holding an Contest in programming on the Arduino platform as part of the Meet and Code international project. The Contest will be held in a distance format. We invite children and teenagers who are familiar with Arduino to try their hand and meet fellow hobbyists. Participation in the Contest is free of charge.

You do not need to have real Arduino boards and electronic parts to participate. Everything can be done in a virtual environment at tinkercad.com website.

Tasks will include building a simple Arduino-based circuit and writing a program that performs the actions described in the task. The program is written in the standard Arduino programming language based on C ++. Participants will be offered 10 tasks of various difficulty levels.

The following electronic components can be used in the tasks: a breadboard, wires, resistors, LEDs, a 7-segment display, an output shift register chip, buttons, a DC motor, a servo, a photoresistor, a potentiometer, a transistor, an ultrasonic sensor, a piezoelectric emitter ("buzzer") , liquid crystal display type 1602.

Participants can perform tasks on real electronic components or in a virtual environment at tinkercad.com. In the first case, they send as a solution the text of the program and a short video demonstrating the correct operation of the assembled circuit. In the second case, they send a link to their project on the site tinkercad.com, while the project must be made “public”, that is, available for viewing by other users.

When completing assignments, participants can use any sources of information on the Internet and printed publications. Help from other people (parents, teachers, friends, etc.) is not allowed. To control the independence of your work, we can ask you some questions about your program.

The Contest is held in two age groups: up to 12 years old and from 13 years old and older. With a large number of participants, the division by age group can be changed.

Contest tasks are sent to participants by email at 4 p.m. (16:00) UTC on October 17. From that moment on, exactly one day is allotted for solving tasks. By 4 p.m. (16:00) UTC on October 18, participants must send their solutions to the organizers.

The results will be announced on October 25, 2020.

Instructions on how to connect and use the tinkercad website, will be sent to the participants separately.

To participate in the Contest, fill out the application form using the link or below.

You can contact us by email: welcome@lotsman.org.