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This year we are again holding the traditional, already fifth, competition for young journalists "Welcome!".

PressThe basic rules remain unchanged. The circle of participants is limited only by age. You are engaged in the children's press center, you work in the editorial office of the school newspaper - welcome to the competition! You don’t study anywhere, but you think that you can tell an interesting story about an event, about a trip, about a book or a movie - you are welcome to join us! If you are going to enter the faculty of journalism and want to expand your portfolio - participation in the competition will not be superfluous. Are you a beginner blogger? Take part in the competition! The selected materials (not only the winners) will be published on the "Kid's Club" website, which is a registered media outlet.

Timing of the contest: submissions will be accepted from November 1, 2022 to January 31, 2023. Please submit your work as early as possible, do not postpone until the last days! Works submitted in November will receive two additional points, in December - one. The results of the contests will be summed up until April 20, 2023.

The age of participants up to 18 years. Age groups: 1) up to 12 years old, 2) from 13 to 15 years old, 3) 16-18 years old. To enter the contest you need to fill out an application form and send your work to email [email protected] or upload via the file upload form (below in this article).

The competition is held in four categories:


  • "Text" — a work performed in one of the traditional journalistic genres: article, report, interview, review, correspondence, essay etc.. It is recommended to choose a genre according to the age of the participant. Older participants should take up the bigger work. ;) The size of work should correspond to the chosen genre, but must be at least 1500 symbols (with spaces). The author's illustrations may be attached in separate files (photo, diagrams, drawings). Author's illustrations increase the rating!
  • "Photo" — a photo or series of photos of any genre, predominantly a reportage or portrait. It is obligatory to indicate in the application the date and location of shooting, as well as to explain what persons/events you shot. The work in "Photo" nomination can simultaneously be the illustration for work in the category "Text".
  • Video — a video lasting not more than 20 minutes in the genre of reportage or a story about an interesting place or the journey, about the man (including interview) or on any other topic. It is also allowed the video blog with the speech of the author on any interesting subject, outlining his views or telling about some event. Note: please, provide subtitles for your video!

NewsAn important question for a journalist - the choice of topics. In this competition is no strict framework. You are welcome with any topic that interesting to you and which you hope to interest our readers and children's jury. Consult with adults. Look for topics in the following areas:

- Topics related to the lives of children, adolescents and youth of your city, region, country.

- Education, career choices.

- Children's clubs, studios, teams, organizations.

- Interesting event, the witness of which you were, the interesting facts that you discovered for yourself.

- The stories about interesting people with whom you have met, on local attractions, travel and interesting places where you've been.

- Review of a book, play, movie.

Share knowledge, give advice, review the issue that you care about, tell us about your dream.

Any other topics that, from the author's point of view, may be of interest to children and youth readers are also allowed.

Topics related to computer games are not recommended.

To participate in the competition, you need to fill out an application form and send us your work. Please do it at the same time, if possible, so that we don't have to guess when the work will come after getting your application.

The contest works (or links to them) should be sent to email address [email protected] or upload here using this file upload form. After selecting the file, a window will open where you need to enter name and surname of the author and brief information about the work:

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The application form for participating in the contest for filling online:

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