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photo2015-10-0801-06-29Комментарий от редактора. Мишель (или Мишу - ударение на "у") живёт в Ливане, в регионе, населённом преимущественно христианами. Учится в православном лицее, знает арабский, французский, английский языки и уже даже некоторые русские слова. Он любит свою страну, у него много друзей, а папа работает в Африке. В свободное время Мишу играет в Minecraft PE (конечно же на моём сервере ;-)). Поскольку он, как и все, хочет быть админом, то не отказался написать пару статей для сайта. Мне было очень интересно узнать о его жизни! Юрий Никитин.

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I live in Kafaraaka in Lebanon. Kafaraaka is a big village in Koura District in the north of Lebanon.

I study in Lycée St Pierre orthodoxe Amioun. Amioun is the town where my school is placed. It's the capital of Koura district. The good at my school is that I make more friends and play there, but we sometimes fight so bad that we do injuries to each other. We realy need to stop that.

We learn many subjects like French, Arabic, English, Sport, Music, Art etc…We have very much French tests and tests of other subjects, like English, Arabic, math...They are so hard, we have 1 hour to finish them - very short time to write 4 pages. Some of us can’t finish it because they need more than 1:25 hour to have it done. We got to study very very hard cause we have like 20 tests per month, we have tests all days. My teachers are very nice to my classmates, they even give us 15 more minutes while the test, but they sometimes growl at us of some little wrong thinks. Thats everything i can tell about my school in Lebanon.

In Lebanon I have many friends: my family, my school friends, my football team mates. In Kafaraaka I do partys sometimes on weekends and invite my friends there. We have fun, we watch TV, play football outside, play Fifa15 on xBox and many other nice stuff!
I speak English cause my cousin was born in America but his mother is Lebanese. Not all Lebanese kids speak english because not all schools teach kids English. I know a little russian, chating on iPad with Russian people. I also speak Spanish a little. I learned Spanish from people I play with in Minecraft PE.

I eat in Lebanon many type of food. We can eat at home or at restaurant. My parents bring me there. I don't go often to fast foods, I like important and popular restaurants. Here is some Lebanese food : tabouli, kafta, labre, humus, lahim. I like most the lahim and kafta it’s so delicious. It’s a type of meat.


People who come to Lebanon are so happy being there that some of them stay and live in Lebanon. Because Lebanese people are nice. There are many cool shops and malls like Le Mall, Le Geant, ABC and more...
We have many tourist attractions in Lebanon: in Beirut, Ariz, Jbeil. These places are always sunny, many people around the world come to Lebanon to see them. One of most famous is Baalabak - the ancient town of 2000 years old. It attracts very very much people. It was built by romans after a war vs Turkey. I went there one time.

I have also a home in Beirut, it's like my house in Kafaraaka. But I don't like to live at Beirut cause there is many works and many noise, so I can’t sleep there. And it needs like 1:30 hour to go to a market to buy food. Beirut is the biggest city in Lebanon but there are sometimes wars and many thieves - it's not very good. It's so dangerous. Actually we are gonna sell the house at Beirut cause it's impossible to live there.